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19 of the Best Super Bowl Commercials, Plus 1 That Won't Even Air

Everyone knows that if your team isn't in the Super Bowl, the biggest (perhaps only) reason to watch are the commercials. Some companies have decided to leak their own Super Bowl spots online so ad geeks have something to drool over before Sunday night. Fast Company has just about all of the currently available spots right here. Keep in mind, each of these commercials cost their companies $3 million to run.


Fast Company featured this video yesterday, which features three enormous NFL players pirouetting and dancing with lizards.

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Here's's spot, which promises some lucky football fans the job of their dreams.


Audi's highly-touted spot starring Jason Statham should make it to a few critics' top-five lists come Monday morning. Here's the teaser.'s quirky spot (first unearthed by Jalopnik) looks and feels like a mediocre Wes Anderson movie.


The car buffs over at have posted (and graded) all five of Hyundai's new Super Bowl commercials.

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The chip maker is taking the crowdsourcing route this year: The winners of a user-submitted Doritos commercials contest (voted by the public) will have their commercial debut on the air during the big game. All five of the remaining contestants are great.

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Coke has (at least) two new commercials airing during this year's game. The first, "Avatar," is a delightful little spot straight out of Second Life (or World of Warcraft).

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[via Adland]

The second spot, "Heist," is a throwback to the cutesy Polar Bear coke ads of the late 90s.

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[via Adland]

A strange but amusing ad from the online classifieds giant, called "It May Be Time." It also may have been time to trim about thirty seconds off this commercial in the editing room a few days ago.

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[via Adland]


This "Jumanji"-esque spot from pet food maker Pedigree, "Crazy Pets," is pretty good.

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[via Adland]

Pepsi Max

There are two Pepsi Max spots running this year, both aimed at the elusive "male diet cola drinking" demographic. The first, called "I'm Good," is funny because it's true. Men, you know we really say that whenever we get hurt!

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[via Adland]

The second, "Ingredients," is more of the same funny man-baiting material.

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[via Adland]


This great ad from the Dutch brewmeisters stars character actor John Turturro. It's half Coen Brothers scene, half public servant announcement, but it works.

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[via Adland]


Unlike the ads for its zero-calorie cousin, this ad for regular Pepsi is a mashup of footage of free-loving hippies and YouTube-era millenials. The common theme? Their love of Pepsi, of course. Also: Not so sure that is this generation's Bob Dylan.

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[via Adland]


For its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, Denny's will "bring dignity back to breakfast" by showing mafiosos eating sugary, confectionary meals (no doubt made by Denny's competitors).

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[via Adland]


The tiremaker has two ads for the big game this year. Unfortunately, only teasers for both have been released. Damn you, Bridgestone, you masters of suspense!!

(click the image for the jump, teaser for "Hot Item")


(click the image for the jump, teaser for "Taters")


[both via Adland]

Two ads will appear during the Super Bowl from this online hosting and domain service. Both feature female IndyCar driver Danica Patrick knocking the gender-equality movement a few steps back. Remarkably stupid, even for Poor form.

(click the image for the jump, to "Showering Danica Patrick)

GoDaddyShowerDanica Patrick

(click the image for the jump, to "Enhanced Hearing")

GoDaddy - Enhanced Hearing

[both via Adland]


And you thought Janet Jackson's Nipplegate was risque. The ad, featuring a bevy of beauties doing all sorts of unmentionable things to vegetables was a little too hot for NBC. It won't air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but why should you get cheated out of viewing a little veggie love.

'Veggie Love': PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad