Not a Multi-Tasker?

I might be a little behind the times here…I’m a Verizon customer…but I just found out that the iPhone doesn’t allow for multitasking. Meaning if you want to stream radio and play games at the same time, it’s not possible. At least not on the same device. Now, I am taking this at the word of a colleague, and there could be user error here, but apparently it is an issue as stated in the iPhone Blog. 

Now, again, I might be behind the times here, but I thought the point of marketing a gadget to an audience that is in large part Gen-Y, wouldn’t the stereotypical attribute of the group be the first thing to check off on the features list? 

Even our in-house Generational expert was surprised. 

I can even multi-task on my Kindle, reading, flipping books, looking up words, making comments, all the while playing some music and knowing that I won’t lose my spot. 

So, odd isn’t it? While Gen-Yers might want to shake off the shackles of stereotypes, some of our innate traits are really what we want catered to in the marketplace. EJ