advertisement Offers $100k for “Ultimate Dream Job” at Super Bowl [video]

Wanted: Director of Fandemonium for the NFL and Benefits: $100,000 signing bonus and massive pigskin perks. Job Skills: Love of football.


Wanted: Director of Fandemonium for the NFL and
Benefits: $100,000 signing bonus and massive pigskin perks, like announcing a future draft pick and being on-field for next year’s coin-toss ceremony.
Job Skills: Love of football.


Sound like your ultimate dream job? sure hopes so.

The monster-sized job-search company is taking on next-gen job sites with a slew of dynamic, new interactive tools (move over, static job board!). But when deciding how to get the word out through Super Bowl advertising, the traditional 30-second spot felt a bit too…well, traditional.

So, which hasn’t advertised in the Super Bowl since 2004, is gearing up to release its biggest promotion ever. “We’ve created a multi-year partnership with the National Football League to harness the power of the NFL and fused it seamlessly with the notion of a job by creating a dream job,” says chief marketing officer Ted Gilvar. “We’re going to drive a ton of traffic to the site.”

The contest works like this: During the Super Bowl, an ad spot at the two-minute warning of the first half [see video] will direct fans to to register. Thirty-two winners receive season tickets and are flown to New York to interview with and NFL personnel and former football players for a chance to snag the coveted position: Director of Fandemonium.

“The director will get unprecedented access to the NFL through the year,” Gilvar says. That includes announcing an NFL draft pick, being on-field for the coin-toss ceremony, and selecting a play at the 2010 Pro Bowl. “By having these prizes fulfilled throughout the entire year, we’re actually helping the NFL promote some of its tent-pole events that exist outside of the NFL season,” Gilvar says. And the Return on Investment expects for that $100,000 signing bonus? “In today’s economy, the people who are going to succeed the most are the people who take risks.”