Clutching the Leadership Straw

I was talking to my Uncle Dave Sweetman last night about the curious timing of the launch of the Leadership Code.  Our book, meant to consolidate the learning of the most reflective, experienced and knowledgeable people in the world on the topic of leadership and organize it into a simple, elegant framework, hit the scene just as many businesses were retracting their leadership efforts in the interests of the short term bottom line. 

Uncle Dave, ever the optimist, said immediately, “No, the timing is perfect.  All of these problems trace back to a lack of leadership, and leadership is what will fix it.  Just tell them that.”  

I said that we knew that, of course, but that the issues remained mental bandwidth, physical energy and budget. So he said: “Well, surely they are doing something. Tell them this: if you are clutching at straws, clutch this one.”

What do you think?  Does your company place leadership at the forefront in troubled times?  Are you clutching the right straws?