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Last night, as is usual on Monday night, I could not wait to see 24. I've followed this series through thick and thin since the start. It's actually gotten a good story line reboot and is quite entertaining this year. 

As I was waiting, i got to thinking. Why do I have to wait for it to come on. I'm tired, would like to go to bed early and don't really want to stay up to watch it from 9 to 10. I'm in California on Pacific time. And I really wondered, why in this day of on-demand and TV technologies, I cannot choose to view it after it has started on the east coast. They do sports events in real time. Many cable networks have a dual feed so you can see it in either time zone.

Now I am not suggesting that they start prime time on the west coast at 5PM, depriving many of the opportunity to watch after dinner as well as depriving the local stations of their news revenues.

But, I fail to understand why a show that is already on somewhere could not be made available to me through on demand for free or on an alternative channel. Just like HBO gives me my feed plus the feeds from the other parts of the nation, taking up multiple cable channels. 

The west coast is different than the east from a time standpoint anyway. We eat dinner earlier, go to bed earlier (in my experience) and get in to work earlier. It is not unusual for a California knowledge or service worker to be in to work well before 9. It's the rare person, at least in my industry who is in at work before 9 on the east coast.

So, what about it networks? The word is that you are struggling to survive. Maybe you have not read that the consumer is in control. How about some flexibility and some consideration to the different internal clocks of west coast viewers? You just might add some people to the ratings. It certainly could not hurt.