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Guerilla Artists Rob Bush of a Street, Give it to Obama

The occupants of the White House have changed, the website has made the switch, and yet a group from San Francisco felt they needed to take the next step: They've switched 100% of the signs on Bush Street for "Obama" ones.

That's a maneuver traditionally left for stuffy town officials to perform, generally when a new district is built, or some old street name of lesser-importance needs a refurb — someone is deemed worthy of the honor, and a street or avenue somewhere (and sometimes a school, of course) gets a new title.

The stunt was pulled on the eve of the inauguration by a group calling themselves "Concerned Republicans Assaulting Posterity." Yes, that does spell what you think it does. The group sent this video and a "press release" to claiming responsibility and explaining their motives.

"The group began changing the signs shortly after midnight. "Even though at first we thought Bush Street was named for our beloved Bush family, we realized that wasn’t true after we did some reading," said one shirtless and bearded group member, who called himself Molotov II. "We wanted to show people that even we and our world renown organization, vehement supporters of the Republican party — we believe 92 percent of all Democrats are dirty — we are all still Americans, just like Mexico said on 9/11," is how they explained the stunt. If that's at all confusing, check out what the organizer had to say: "We can support Obama for a day. [...] we felt we had to do something to show the new President how much we support him."

Though it's notable that the faces in the video are heftily blurred out to preserve the identities of the *ahem* innocent, it's not quite the act of vandalism that it appears: The signs were affixed with "non-permanent adhesive," as opposed to a similar stunt purportedly carried out by a rival group who were using permanent stickers. That may appease city officials who are prone to get hot under the collar at this sort of stunt — after all, it's the sort of modification that the famous guerrilla artist Banksy would've achieved with some deftly-applied spray paint.

Anyway...I don't know what this all means, so it must be art.

[via LaughingSquid]