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I began the New Year with an invitation for you to join me in making 2009 the most amazing year of our lives. Many of you wrote down your personal commitments and shared them with The Company You Keep readers throughout the world.

I began the New Year with an invitation for you to join me in making 2009 the most amazing year of our lives. Many of you wrote down your personal commitments and shared them with The Company You Keep readers throughout the world. I have been delighted and inspired by your deep intentions for peace, harmony, laughter, and growth. All our readers would love for you to share your commitments and comments here.


Now that you’ve made your commitment for this new moment in time, what is the next step? How do you follow through with actions that support your evolutionary growth and the growth of your business? I am dedicated to helping transform our intentions into conscious choices. No matter what has happened up until now, we have the gift of undetermined capacity and we are all capable of making this year better than any we have known. I invite you to think about…

Accepting the now:  When you accept life as it unfolds, offering no resistance, you become aware of the choices available in this moment. This doesn’t imply giving up desires or being a victim, but discovering the freedom to respond creatively. What opportunities are being presented to you right now? Is there a new business offering, a new commuting path, a new acquaintance, a new job, a new partner, a new offering that ‘the now’ is gifting you?

Accepting the signals of your body:  Feel all of your body’s sensations. Whereas the mind lives in the past and the future, the body resides in the now and never doubts itself. It knows your truth and will guide you toward the most evolutionary choices. Those butterflies in your stomach, that ache in your heart, that pain in your back are all there to tell you that there is work to be done.

Accepting responsibility and commitment:  With a deepened awareness, you can make new choices, let go of habits that no longer serve you, and commit to doing something different.

Change must come through us. It doesn’t happen to us. Our world is challenged everywhere we turn. There are riots in Greece; wars in Israel, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, Pakistan; and a new President who is expected to wave a wand to change all of this. We are at a defining moment of our times. It is taking significant breakdown for a significant breakthrough. There is a palpable calling in the wind for things greater than we know or could have imagined. This calling is not coming gift-wrapped or just being handed to us. We will need to wake up early, knock on those doors, and walk in the cold to find those possibilities.

In “LIVING from the INSIDE OUT,” from author Alice Gravelle Kann  invites us not to come from our plastic mansions, our job titles, our fancy dining experiences, or our designer clothes. Our experience with the subprime mortgage situation has been the inevitable result of living from the outside in. We lived from what others designed for us instead of from our consciousness. With guidance from books like, “Faking It Till You Make It,” Bernie Madoff becomes the ultimate manifestation of this thought. The things that we get cheap and are not authentically ours have to result in the fall of the house of cards, to wit, G.I. Gurdjieff (“All life is mathematics”), what goes up must come down, what goes in must come out. There is no free lunch we would want to eat.


There is a new moment in time that has come with this the 44th inauguration. Barack Obama, our new President, has come bringing unimaginable gifts to us. Wrapped in a funny name and a color that has been invisible, Obama brings “The Audacity of Hope,” energy, faith, and intelligence to us as presents waiting to be opened on Xmas Day. Throughout the campaign, Obama has spoken to us individually through our medium of choice, wherever we happened to be at the moment and with a message that calls us to participate. Let’s bring our brand new best selves to the party. We have each been called and are invited to attend. We are being called to live compassionately, courageously, and authentically, just as Obama has.

While others will be praying for Obama, I am praying for us, his fellow citizens. Collectively and individually, we need to rebuild America. This rebuilding starts with each of us rebuilding ourselves and our consciousness. No leader and no amount of prayer can want and do for us what we are not wanting and doing for ourselves. Obama has demonstrated his capacity and desires for us; we need to pray that each citizen of this country and of the world does their part to “pick themselves up and dust themselves off.” Our new President has asked that we “set aside our childishness and choose hope over fear and unity over decisiveness.” I am praying that we can. 






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