The Story Behind the Most Influential Women in Tech

The Most Influential Women in Technology story was a collaboration of the most inspiring kind — the bits and bytes we pieced together about these women tell a bigger story about the history of women technologists, and the futures they are laboring to create.  (It was also the first time that women writers from both the Fast Company web and magazine staffs collaborated to create a print story, which was more fun than I just made it sound.) To do the best possible job in an imperfect format, we wanted to include women who were in a position to influence some largely unseen areas of our daily lives, like defense.  But like all lists, it becomes as notable for who just missed the cut – Carol Bartz! – as it is for those whose names follow.

So in the spirit of collaboration — and yeah, sisterhood –- we thought we’d let the women introduce the package themselves. What follows is a series of short posts from the makers of technology and tech history, about life, hard work and the pursuit of venture capital, among many other things.  We’ll be adding more as they come in.  At the end of the exercise, the women themselves will have breathed additional life into a list that we hope will inspire anew — and help us get closer to the day when a list like this will no longer be necessary.

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