A Daily Dose of Blogs for the Tech Entrepreneur

Rashmi Sinha, co-founder & CEO for SlideShare, doesn’t have a lot of time to read a lot of blogs, but the following sites are the ones that she makes time for, because they help her with the day-to-day challenges of running a startup. Sinha, who also appears on Fast Company’s, “The Most Influential Women In Tech: The Entrepreneurs,” lists her daily reads as:


TechCrunch of course: to find out whats happening in the startup world. 

Dave McClure’s blog and slidespace, for conversion / virality stuff.

Fred Wilson’s blog, for general business understanding

Tara Hunt’s HorsePigCow is a great blog about social media.

VentureHacks, an invaluable resource for understanding VC deal terms. When you need this info, it is priceless.

PaidContent, for understanding the content business in general.

SEOMoz is the best site for understanding SEO.

Occams Razor for my daily dose of metrics.

Darmano’s Slidespace. On SlideShare you can find a lot of brand and marketing information. It’s so meta that all the social media types gather to share slideshows about social media on a social media site.

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