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6 Sources of Inspiration for Tech Bloggers

Corvida Raven, author of the blog, made the Fast Company list of "The Most Influential Women In Technology: The Bloggers." Here, she shares her sources of inspiration.

Sarah Perez - SarahinTampa - The most influential female blogger within my scope of Social Media. Sarah provides great insight into current topics and trends alongside creative and original articles on future web trends. She's very helpful with a bright and warm personality. A must read for any blogger! You can check out the majority of her work on ReadWriteWeb & Microsoft's Channel 10.

Louis Gray - - Louis Gray advertised me extensively when I first stepped on the scene. Louis always provides keen and extraordinary insight on current trends and niche topics within the realm of social media. He's a discussion starter like no other.

Steven Hodson - WinExtra - Some might not enjoy Steven's cranky appeal, but there's no denying the wisdom behind the snarky comments and in-depth posts. Steven's work teaches me that it's perfectly fine to tell the truth, even if it's not what most want to hear.

Marshall Kirkpatrick - Marshall Kirkpatrick -  If you could borrow his brain for 24 hours, you'd probably be a millionaire. Marshall is the future of blogging. His work is where I'd like my work to be 3-5 years from yesterday. He has an extraordinary and natural grasp on both current & future trends, web apps, and services that most bloggers secretly long for. You can also find his work alongside Sarah Perez's on ReadWriteWeb.

Chris Brogan - - Chris Brogan provides some of the best insights into connecting with people. Whether you're using social media tools or meeting up with people in real time, Chris Brogan gives the best advice on how to effectively establish and manage those connections. He's a networking extraordinaire!

Chris Miller - TheSocialNetworker - I currently co-manage a podcast (TheSocialGeeks ) and a Twitter resource blog (EverythingTwitter) with Chris. However, none of these ideas would have come to life without Chris' work and persistence in expanding the definition of social media and what it means to be a leader in this field. He's been all around the world and his work speaks for itself.

Other notable bloggers include Cyndy Aleo-Carreira of The Standard & Four Little Bees, JeffisaGeek, Wayne Sutton, & Phil Glockner of Scribkin, who have been a tremendous help in pushing me to new heights with their work and their words of inspiration.

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