Women in Nonprofit Technology Who Rock

In December, Fast Company published an article called “The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0” featuring about a dozen amazing women who work in the Web 2.0 world.

In December, Fast Company published an article called “The Most Influential Women in Web 2.0” featuring about a dozen amazing women who work in the Web 2.0 world. The list included BlogHer founders Elisa Camahort Page, Jory Des Jardins, and Lisa Stone.  Kaliya Hamlin, who is the founder of She’s Geeky, a women and technology conference taking place in Mountain View, CA on January 30-31st was also on the list.


The post sparked heated debate. Fast Company responded with “The Most Influential Women in Technology.”

I’m humbled to be listed in the “Activists” category!

But as with any “best of” or “most this or that” list, it’s bound to be incomplete. So, when Lynne d Johnson from Fast Company asked me to blog a list, I thought I’d create a nonprofit technology category and acknowledge the work of these awesome women:


Nonprofit Technology
Marnie Webb is the Co-CEO of TechSoup Global and creator of Netsquared and was voted most valuable person in the nonprofit technology field in 2008.
Holly Ross is the executive director of NTEN and expert in everything nonprofit tech.
Susan Tenby is the community manager at TechSoup responsible for their Second Life efforts.
Megan Keane blogs at TechSoup community site.
Rachel Weidinger is senior consultant for Common Knowledge and covers the sustainable food community.
Amy Sample Ward writes a blog about nonprofit technology and social media and is the community builder for Netsquared.
Laura Whitehead is the queen of nonprofit technology in the UK.
Laura Lee Dooley is an online engagement strategist for World Resources Institutes and in her spare time writes a blog about using metrics for nonprofit web advocacy.
Michelle Murrain is an open source software guru who writes the some best posts on that topic.
Judi Sohn is Vice President of Operations of C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition and was one of the first nonprofit technology bloggers.
Jordan Viator writes for the Convio Connection Cafe Blog.
Deborah Finn is a nonprofit technology consultant and long-time blogger.  She’s also the woman behind the hilarious lolnptech spoof.
Laura Quinn is the founder of Idealware, which offers a consumer reports like analysis and comparison of nonprofit software.
Heather Gardner-Madras is a designer and strategist for progressive nonprofit campaigns and also writes for the Idealware blog.

Social Change Activists
Georgia Popplewell is the managing editor for Global Voices.
Britt Bravo covers social change and is the founder of Changebloggers.
Christine Egger is a thought leader over at Social Actions.
Katrin Verclas is the visionary founder of MobleActive and the nonprofit expert on mobile technology for activism, fundraising, and program delivery.
Qui Diaz works for Livingston Communications and leads their social good efforts.
Mary Joyce is the founder of digiactive and long-time online social media activist working in countries around the world.
Leslie Poston also known as “geechy_girl” on Twitter writes about social media and is a trainer.
Rebecca Corliss is Boston area social media activist and one of the leaders who helped raised over $20,000 for Jane Doe, Inc.
Allyson Kapin, founder of WomenWhoTech, is now blogging for Care2.
Alexandra Rampy, also known as Social Butterfly, covers social change and nonprofits on her blog.

Big Picture Thinkers
Lucy Bernholz is the queen of nonprofit philanthropy predictions.
Allison Fine, author of the book Momentum, writes about social activism in the nonprofit sector and the implications on the ground and at the big picture level.
Michele Martin writes about career development and professional development for nonprofit professionals.
Case Foundation bloggers Kari Dunn Saratovsky, Sokunthea Sa Chhabra, and Megan Stohner cover philanthropy, social change, fundraising, and activism.


Nonprofit Social Media Strategists
Wendy Harman is the social media strategist for the Red Cross.
Heather Holdridge is a strategist for Care2.
Danielle Brigida is the social media strategist for the National Wildlife Federation.
Connie Reece advises nonprofits on social media strategies and is the visionary behind the Frozen Pea Fund.
Johanna Bates is the nonprofit technology strategy for Community Partners in Massachusetts.
Nina Simon is the author of the popular Museum 2.0 Blog that covers how museums are using social media.
Rebecca Krause Hardie overs the arts sector and use of social media.
Rebecca Leaman writes for the Wild Apricot Blog and offers strategy advice for small nonprofits.

Nonprofit Marketing and Fundraising
Katya Andresen is Vice President at Network For Good and her blog is the best of the best on nonprofit marketing and fundraising.
Maria Thurrell is the founder a marketing and PR agency that works with nonprofits.
Nedra Weinreich is social marketing guru.
Maddie Grant and Lindy Dryer work with associations to help them integrate social media.
Jocelyn Harmon writes about marketing and nonprofits.
Nancy Schwartz, author of the popular Getting Attention Blog, is known for her sure fire marketing tips.
Kivi Leroux Miller is a writer and trainer who covers all aspects of nonprofit communications, including annual reports.

[Reprinted with permission via Beth’s Blog; Photo Credit: A9407149————— !anaughty!]


Update (1.26.09)

I knew this was going to happen. I looked over this list and realized I forgot a few, plus a couple of colleagues made a few suggestions.

Alexandra Samuels is the founder of Social Signals and has been working in the online engagement space for a long time — and did I mention she’s one of the smartest people I know.
Madeline Stanionis is a legend in the online fundraising and email marketing nonprofit world. Her book on email marketing is a bible with many nonprofits.
Heather Mansfield, founder of Diosa Communications, is the nonprofit social networking expert.

Stacey Monk is the founder of Epic Change and ran a very successful Twitter fundraising campaign last Thanksgiving.

Tori Tucan is the founder of Lend4Health, a unique micro loan organization. She knows anything and everything that’s happening on Twitter related to social actions.

Michaela Hackner is social media strategist and blogger who works with nonprofits and simply amazing.
Mitchell Baker, Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation and Chairperson and former Chief Executive Officer of the Mozilla Corporation.