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iPod Goes to Boot Camp to Help You Snipe Better

This is a wonderful (or perhaps just sickly bizarre) mix of pleasure and danger: It's an iPod Touch mounted to a sniper rifle. And it's not just there to deliver some banging battlefield tunes to the ear of the guy behind the trigger, it's actually intended to help you use the rifle more accurately.

The rugged mounting attaches the iPod to the side of an M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System—that's a new US Army sniper rifle with 7.62mm NATO-style rounds and an effective range of 800-1000m that's already seeing action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Touch is running BulletFlight, an app you can buy from the App Store for $12. By inputting "live" parameters like weather, windspeed, range to target, and letting the app calculate the target angles using the iPod's in-built accelerometer, you'll get a pre-calculated ballistics solution that'll let you refine when and how to best take that vital shot.

The mount is manufactured by Knight's Armaments, who developed the M110 in the first place, so it's pretty official. Will we see the iPod move from entertainment to active service on the battlefield? Sure looks like it.

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