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I was researching The Body Shop for my post on National Day of Service and community at Conversation Agent and came across their Twitter account in the US. Perhaps it was started by a fan of the company? It looks sort of abandoned or just the RSS feed from the blog.

TheBodyShopUSA has a nice image in the background, complete with logo and tagline. If the company intends to become more active on Twitter, perhaps it cam tweak a few things there. Small changes sometimes provide big results. More active could mean building a stronger community for The Body Shop international.

Three tips on improving the profile:

1. Add a URL. It would make sense either way - whether this is an official account by the company, or it was started by a fan.

2. Personalize the account with an actual name from The Body Shop customer service team. Many companies are realizing that people want to hear from other people, specifially from those who actually work with them inside organizations, not the marketing folks.

3. Write a brief bio telling people what you’re about. For example, where you are, what you do. Maybe this is an opportunity to show how The Body Shop works: "This is the place to find out how we stand up for others, and how you can do it too."

Three content ideas:

1. Share links to stories on how one can activate self esteem. For example, my friend Stephanie Quilao writes a great blog on finding the every day ‘live’ in living. You’d find worthy material there and within her community.

2. Form partnerships with publications on green living to align with protecting our planet.   Take a look at Vida Verde Media for ideas and examples of the types of conversations you could begin. Take a look at their Twitter account and see that they manage to have conversations with readers.

3. Look for ways to engage and activate on public good initiatives. As a concept, this would be a way to let the people who received support from The Body Shop foundation tell their story by joining the Twitter stream with you.

Customers are becoming more interested in activating a dialogue with the people inside the organizations they support. There are many individuals on Twitter who embrace sustainable development and products. Which means greater opportunities to continue the conversation Anita Roddick started with her movement.

Valeria Maltoni | Conversation Agent