A $60 Million Recycling Plant, 500 New Call Center Jobs, and One New Business – Oh My!

It’s been a busy week in the Southeast. That’s A Lot of Bottles


It’s been a busy week in the Southeast.


That’s A Lot of Bottles

About 200 hundred people gathered at the new Spartanburg, South Carolina plant of the United Resource Recovery Corporation (URRC) to celebrate the farthest reaching project to use their PET recycling technology.   As was fitting, attendees raised bottle of Coca Cola to toast the continued partnership of URRC with the Coca Cola Company to open a massive facility which covers 30 acres and is currently employing 50 workers.   The plant is expected to add 50 more employees by the end of the year, according to Carlos Gutierrez, president of United Resource Recovery Corp.

The $60 million expansion will allow the plant to produce about 100 million pounds of food-grade PET plastic, the equivalent of nearly two billion, 20-ounce Coca-Cola bottles.  Numbers like that mean that Spartanburg, SC is home to the world’s largest bottle-to-bottle recycling plant.

Coca-Cola has set a long-term goal to recycle or reuse 100 percent of its bottles and cans in the United States. By 2010, it hopes to recover 30 percent of its bottles and cans and have 10 percent recycled content in its plastic bottles.

Here They Grow Again

Just two months after a mass-hiring of new employees, the domestic call center based in Ken­nesaw, Georgia, RYLA, is looking to expand its workforce by 500.


Founded just eight years ago, RYLA has stuck to its “Small Yet Big” approach.  “We offer our clients personalized services, rapid deployment of solutions and the flexibility of a small company, while maintaining the capabilities and processes delivered by larger companies,” according to the RYLA’s website.  Their use of voice-over-Internet-protocol, or VoIP, technology has helped lower costs.

Kiplinger’s reported that RYLA’s revenues “topped $3 million in the first full year of business, more than doubled the next and were up to $17 million in 2007. After another round of financing, the company is going through another growth spurt and projects more than $30 million in revenues this year.”

RYLA attracts clients that have had bad experiences with foreign centers. They also count government organizations such as the Veterans Administration and the State Department among their client portfolio as they can’t send their call centers out of the U.S.  

While there are never any guarantees, RYLA employees can expect to stick around.  According to the company, RYLA experiences less than 30% annual turnover in an industry that averages over 75% per year.

A New Business that’s “On Point”

On track to be headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina’s eagerly anticipated NEXT Innovation Center, OnPoint CFO and Controller Services is a newly created organization, “Already open for business, taking clients and doing well,” asserted Sam Patrick, a spokesperson for OnPoint.


Recognizing that many small-to-mid-sized companies may not have need for a full-time controller/CFO, but may still require quality financial information on a timely basis, OnPoint CFO & Controller Services has been created to provide that strategic financial support and leadership through outsourcing. 

Brian Clark, who co-founded Clockwork Financial Services, one of the Upstate’s fastest-growing outsourced accounting and controller services firms said, “Our intent is to offer critical services with high level expertise at extremely affordable investment levels to help business leaders better grow and manage their businesses.”

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