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In a perfect convergence of media and technology, Yahoo! is now using Twitter to filter news according to Technology Review. I've written before in this blog about the impact of Twitter in reporting news first. And as reported in, twitterers (tweeters) were among the first to report on the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane crash. But Yahoo! has taken it one step further. They have used BOSS, their open-source search engine to assist in developing TweetNews to mine Twitter for the most recent posts on a given story. According to the Tech Review piece, Yahoo researcher Vik Siing reported that the breakthrough was in ranking by recency rather than number of links ala Google. Number of links appears to favor older articles and posts and does not serve up the most recent updates on a story. 

Google News has become an important service for many trying to monitor articles and news about their own company, competitors or topics of interest. But it has been proven to have flaws,with very old article popping to the top and appearing to be recent news. 

It appears that Yahoo! has come up with a silver bullet that one-ups Google in the searching, filtering and reporting on news. All facilitated by the tiny company Twitter, with 25 employees and no apparent business revenue.