Palm Pre Might Be A Best Buy Exclusive

We got a little excited about the Palm Pre smartphone the other day, with its great specs and surprisingly neat design, and thought it might be a sign that Palm is re-inventing itself. And today there’s an interesting spin on the Pre story: It might actually be a Best Buy exclusive device.

Well, Best-Buy and Sprint stores actually. But the rumor is running around that Best Buy will get exclusive sales rights over other retailers for 60 days.

And it kind of adds up: Best Buy and Sprint did something similar with the Samsung Instinct. An exclusive also means that Best Buy will pour some of its funds into advertising that fact, adding to the public’s exposure to the new phone.

Apparently PhoneArena has heard this from a “credible source.” Is it a risky move as far as Palm is concerned? They need this device to sell like hot cakes, and a limited launch may be seen as stimying the Pre’s sale’s opportunities. It’s hard to tell. Much more important will be the device’s price, and there’s still no hard evidence about this one way or the other.

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