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ComScore Sees the Bigger Picture
Photograph by Elizabeth Young
Photograph by Elizabeth Young

Tania Yuki
Senior Product Manager, Video Metrix

> New York, New York

Tania Yuki, 29, works with comScore clients such as CBS, Google, Microsoft, and NBC to gauge who their online video content is actually reaching.

"Total audience measurement is the aim of the game. It would be very cool to look at, say, Desperate Housewives and say, This is the cumulative number of people it reached — Sunday nights, streaming at, iTunes downloads, etc. What advertisers want to understand is, Are they building a new audience by distributing content or ads across platforms, or just hitting the same people?

To answer that, we've taken our databases of computer users — around 1 million in the United States — and we're looking at how we can match those to third-party databases. We're working with TiVo, for example, which has about 1.7 million households, matching its data to ours. We now know all of the online and DVR behaviors in more than 8,500 homes. That's going to allow marketers to get much more granular and targeted in how they think about TV.

It'll also broaden the revenue picture. It's too early to tell how much money will flow from online, but the better we're able to prove the value of various platforms, the sooner we're going to get to better returns for producers."

A version of this article appeared in the February 2009 issue of Fast Company magazine.