Pro:Motion Ergo Keyboard Morphs To Fit Your Typing

Ergonomic keyboards with a splt between the two halves are nothing new: The extra position adjustments they let you make are supposedly for added comfort. But the Pro:Motion from Smartfish Technologies goes one further, and morphs itself dynamically to fit your typing style.

The aim is apparently to reduce the risk of repetetive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. So the keyboard has an in-built motor and smart electronics that make it morph gently between seven different configuration shapes of angle and segment separation in keeping with your typing speed. Apparently it does this quite subtly so that you may not even notice.

Though there’s no medical evidence to support the claims yet, an intelligent self-transforming keyboard floats your boat, sounds like clever stuff. Let’s hope it’s not too smart–we wouldn’t want any Hal 9000/Transformers-style incidents. It’s available from May for around $130.

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