Women in Tech: The Brainiacs

5 of the smartest technologists working today.

Women in Tech: The Brainiacs

Vice Admiral Nancy Brown
Adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff


In the future, technology will be both the means of waging war and the key to keeping peace. Brown has literally written the book: Her Joint Net-Centric Operations Campaign Plan is the strategy to “better integrate and synchronize joint community transformation and maximize joint warfighting capabilities.” Sit up straight when you read that, soldier.

Helen Grenier

Grenier has done more than anyone to bring the power of robots to the U.S. military. Though she resigned as chair in October, Grenier remains on the board of iRobot, whose stair-climbing, video-shooting PackBot has already made our soldiers safer and more effective.

Susan Landau
Sun Microsystems

When she isn’t talking about number theory and computational algebra (and who isn’t these days?), Landau is a leading researcher and expert on wiretapping, computer encryption, and security issues.

Esther Takeuchi
University at Buffalo


Takeuchi holds more patents than any other American woman. After 23 years at Greatbatch–where, among other feats, she invented the battery used in the implantable defibrillator–she now runs an academic research program.

Jill Tarter
SETI Institute

Sure, the Jodie Foster role in Contact was based on her, but Tarter’s current adventure is operating the new Allen Telescope Array, a massive intergalactic search tool that will speed innovation in communications, GPS technology, weather, and defense. And maybe find E.T.