TiVo Brings Web Video to TV

Tara Maitra

> Vice President, General Manager of Content Services


> New York, New York

Tara Maitra, 37, helps bring content from Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and more than 50 other sources to TiVo subscribers.

“TiVo is bringing video that you can’t find on TV to the TV. Watching television is a community experience. It’s just more comfortable and more social in the living room than it is clustered around a computer. A lot of digital-download services, such as Amazon’s, weren’t catching on because you could only watch them on a PC. A two-hour movie on the computer? It’s painful. To be honest, when we first started talking to YouTube, we questioned whether people would want to watch on TV or if they preferred to watch in the office and email it to friends. We didn’t know until we tried it, and the usage has exceeded our expectations. Overall, we have had 30 million downloads to date, and 60% of our broadband-connected users have used one or more of these content services.”