From Cupcakes to Comic Books: Obama’s Brand is Everywhere

With the 44th president of the United States being sworn into office, brands across the nation have geared up to join the celebrations, capitalize on the fervor or just underscore their patriotism. From cookies and cupcakes to comic books and coffee – here’s a look at the companies rolling out to honor Barack Obama.


Marvel Comics: Spider-Man/Obama Cover

As a collector of Spider-Man comics, Obama was a natural choice for Marvel Comics to put on the cover of its new issue. Issue no. 583, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” hit the stands last week and will have two covers, one of them an Inauguration Day edition showing the superhero with the president-elect. “Historic moments such as this one can be reflected in our comics, because the Marvel Universe is set in the real world. A Spider-Man fan moving into the Oval Office is an event that must be commemorated in the pages of ‘Amazing Spider-Man,'” said Editor in Chief Joe Quesada to the LA Times.


Mrs. Beasley’s: Obama Cupcakes and Cookies

California based bakery Mrs. Beasley’s is retailing Obama shortbread cookies. The President-elect’s face is transposed using food coloring ink on vanilla frosting and sugar sheet. The bakery also sells Obama hand frosted vanilla cupcakes. Six cookies retail for $21.95 and six cupcakes for $29.95.


Ben & Jerry’s: Yes Pecan

Vermont based ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has temporarily renamed its butter pecan flavor Yes Pecan” after Obama’s campaign slogan “Yes, We Can.” Through the month of January, Ben & Jerry’s will donate proceeds from the flavor to nonprofit advocacy organization, Common Cause.


Pepsi: New Logo

Although not exactly created to honor Obama, Pepsi’s new logo bears a striking resemblance to the President-elect’s campaign logo. Coupled with slogans like “Yes You Can” and “Choose Change,” Pepsi claims that its new logo reflects the country’s mood: “Pepsi has always stood for youthful exuberance and optimism, which is reflected in our new campaign like never before… We can’t speak to the President-elect’s design sensibilities, but we’re all over his prevailing spirit of optimism,” stated Pepsi spokeswoman Nicole Bradley in an interview with ABC News.


Ikea: Oval Office

Swedish furniture maker Ikea has kicked off Embrace Change ’09 — a new campaign honoring Barack Obama. Up until January 14, a replica of the Oval office was on display in Union Station’s main hall in Washington, D.C. Ikea also featured the “Embrace Change ‘09” slogan on the area’s buses and trains, and presented a “mock motorcade,” touring the D.C. area from January 15-16, with “furniture fit for a president” strapped on top of vehicles, symbolizing the incoming president moving into his new home. Ikea also rolled out a website where users can design their own Oval office.

Via Brandweek.


Kona Joe Coffee: Barack O Blend

Kona Joe, a coffee plantation in Hawaii, will release a new blend of coffee, Barack O Blend on January 16th. A blend of Hawaiian, Kenyan and Indonesian beans, the new concoction aims to honor the multinational heritage of president-elect Obama. A 7 oz bag retails for $12.95.