A Shout Out

My husband (Mr. Bartender) jokes that I eat at only two restaurants near our home because of their great service.  And he’s right.  We just had dinner at one of them and I thought it was time to shout out to my favorite server, Cristian.

El Mariachi isn’t the greatest Mexican restaurant in the world.  I’m sure there are better.  But I can’t cook Mexican food to save my life and El Mariachi gives me good food at a reasonable price.  And Cristian is a fabulous server.  Here’s why:

  1. When we walk in the door, the hostess knows that we want to sit in his section.
  2. He greets us by name, knows what we like to drink and places the order.
  3. Our favorite appetizer is not on the menu but Cristian will ask the kitchen to make it for us anyway.
  4. He doesn’t rush to take our dinner order; he lets us just hang out and chat.

I hope I don’t get him into trouble but, recently, he gave us a $5.00 off coupon to use on our next visit…which we did.  Every time we pay the check, he gives us the coupon back.  You know, every little bit counts these days.

Servers like Cristian are the ones you remember.  The ones you give more than the standard 15-20% gratuity.

You’ve heard me say it before . . customer service is the new marketing.  And, so many times we are quick to tell our negative customer service stories.  It’s great when you can tell a really good one.  Thanks Christian!