Interactive Art Done Right


Maybe you’ve had the opportunity to visit a so-called interactive art installation. If so, you were probably disappointed: Too often, those projects end up barely working, with fiddly controls and baffling lag times that ruin any semblance of “interactivity.”

That’s what makes the work of United Visual Artists so great: You’re dealing just with thin columns of LED lights, perfectly minimal and ingeniously programmed. No complicated doodads meant to impress tech nerds, and nothing to clutter the experience. The experience is basically analog, even if the guts are high-tech.

UVA has worked on music videos and stage designs for bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Beck, and Massive Attack. This month, they’ve got a brilliant installation up in Japan. The lightstalks react as you move among them. (Videos on the site are linked next to the Quicktime icon.)

UVA also just finished with an installation in Covent Gardens, in London. But if you’re interested, check out this music video—one of my all-time favorites.

[Via Make]