Android G2 Outed

Oops–looks like someone from smartphone makers HTC leaked its 2009 handset lineup. Included in the details is what appears to be the second Android phone, which may or may not end up being called the G2.

Look at the shape of the phone: Codenamed the Sapphire 2.0, there’s the same tilted chin and in the image there’s what looks like the “my faves” button on the bottom row. It looks pretty much like an uprated Google/T-Mobile G1 from a design point of view–and it also seems to have taken a leaf out of the iPhone 3G’s design book with black and white options, and a curvier form-factor than generation one.

There’s no technical data in the leak, but it’s easy to speculate the phone will incorporate more memory and a faster CPU/GPU. While the image doesn’t show a keypad, from the phone’s general shape it looks like there’s enough bulk to conceal a sliding QWERTY–unless it’s deceiving and the G2 will be touchscreen-only.

In the same leak there’s a handset that appears to be the Wing 2–it’s codenamed Tungsten, has similar design elements to the Sapphire 2, minus the chin, and with this time a sliding QWERTY keypad showing.

Both are apparently destined for T-Mobile, which makes sense given how much fuss and excitement the G1 caused. Expect more leaks with technical data over the coming months.