The Journey into the Greatest Test of Character – Leadership

For most would-be business and organizational leaders, the road to authoritative service begins at The Bison Group’s “Center for Integrative Leadership and Change (CILC)” in Philadelphia, PA., where participants find out if they’ve got what it takes to become agents of change – both personally and professionally.

Here at the center, participants immerse themselves in a session that emulates one of the world’s most demanding training environments, the United States Marine Corps. They are tested and evaluated for character, appearance, speech, command presence, mental endurance, dexterity and agility, coordination and intelligence. Participants are quickly tested to see if they possess the resolve to remain on task for being some of the more progressive thinkers in the world. These professionals feel responsible for their organizations along with fates of their associates and constituents, as they toil under multiple demands with limited resources. With growing organizations in today’s troubling economy, opportunity continues to present itself for these progressive thinkers to act. 


Upon successful completion of CILC, participants earn the right to call themselves extraordinary leaders; much different from the ordinary individuals that entered the center on day one. Beyond the rigorous, yet disciplined curriculum, another training program offered at CILC is the “Battleplan.” As individuals and organizations alike grapple with today’s economic challenges, the unique course prepares the participant class how-to navigate the downturn more effectively, uncover opportunities that may arise from disruption, and position or reposition enterprises for greater profitability during the next cycle. A unique collaboration between The Military Channel and The Bison Group, this program explores the challenges of organizational change and renewal from the diverse military Battleplan perspectives of environmental structure and culture, transformational leadership, organizational behavior, strategic-execution, team building maneuvers and risk management. Participant gain the tools and insights to develop practical approaches and specific action plans that balance short-term success with long-term innovation. 

The Battleplan series is delivered in four parts: Preemptive Strike (Series I), Counterstrike (Series II), Guerilla Warfare (Series III) and Urban Warfare (Series IV). For college students, freshman and sophomores, Battleplan consists of two six-week summer training sessions at CILC. Juniors and seniors both attend a 10 week summer session. Following completion of a CILC program, all LeaderShaped leaders attend “The Team Building Maneuvers Course (TBM)” taught at CILC’s SULES’ Institute (Small Unit Leadership Evaluation School) in Philadelphia. It provides a foundation of professional knowledge and skills necessary for leaders to effectively command and lead individuals into successful future pictures that results peak performance across their organizational environments. 

While at CILC, leaders will begin their journey to develop healthy cultures. A healthy culture offers the fertilization for communities to grow and the people are the drivers for positive change. CILCs main responsibility is to awaken the inner spirit to further ajar the untapped potential of its participant leaders. To do this, the leadership and facilitation corps at CILC will implement additional resources and tools, planning initiatives, organizational strategies, and execution tactics into the transition plans unlike ever done in the past at a similar organization. This is a very bold move and it begins with developing each individual that accepts the journey to change.  

This course provides advanced transformational leadership, organizational behavior, strategic execution and team building skill training for leaders in preparation for duties as senior staff members and executives within the leadership ranks across the business and private sectors. 

The discipline of CILC’s directional approach forward, integrated as an essential tool, is critical for a successful strategic execution plan: “The alignment of people behind a strategy. Incentives do not in themselves create alignment, but re-developing the posture, purpose, and alignment of soft-skills across the organization by establishing a culture of trust, commitment, and a fair strategy-formulation process, will result staggering outcomes,” stated Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts, the director of the center. Additional programs invite up-and-coming leaders to join with their peers in leadership seminars that impact both sides of an organization’s leadership equation to foster better understanding and cooperation.  

The course is designed to develop leaders who have the will and knowledge to take decisive action in an uncertain environment, within their commander’s intent. This course seeks to deliver to the world extraordinary leaders who are technically and tactically proficient and who are confident in their abilities as leaders and decision-makers to encourage and promote the global prowess of the United States as a sustained super power and progressive free nation.  


The Center for Integrative Leadership and Change, established in 2004 at The Bison Group, evolved from a two-week course with emphasis solely on developing leadership for the youth to its present 15 week course. It includes more than 98 hours of academic training and executive education. As the new academic year begins for 2009, the season at CILC will run from March to December 2009 with sessions running in collaboration with Temple University and other institutions across the region. 

The Center for Integrative Leadership and Change develops highly disciplined, morally and ethically efficient, effectively decisive professionals who are prepared for responsible leadership by becoming an agent of transformation and change. The program’s design help professionals succeed by offering a structured military-style learning environment, bringing lessons from the battlefields into the board and meeting rooms. Of all the training and seminars in the marketplace, the center is the only one of its kind that is based on the traditions, values, rigors and ideals of the United States Marine Corps leadership training command, and is the one place to receive the many benefits from such a program. The center and its programs and curriculum, are byproducts of The Bison Group Corporation, founded in 1996 by a team of United States Marines turned business professionals and industry specialists. 

Once trained in the skills that stimulate the needed change into extraordinary leadership, participants move back to their job specialties prepared to defend what is promised, protect what is precious and preserve what is treasured – heightened ethical leadership in others to also prepare them to take their own journey to find a significant voice of self. For some, this will take them into areas that they never though possible, only now, they are up to the task and ready to overcome the many obstacles and burning platforms they may encounter.

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