Scenarios for the Future of Brands

Here’s the last scenario. I will add a few more elements if people are interested. As I said at the start, this work is a collaboration between myself, Wayde Bull and Oliver Freeman.

Personal Fortress:

Personal Fortress is a world where major events have combined to create a country that is frightened and scared. The impact of climate change, the implosion of many global financial institutions and social unrest created by the growing disparity between rich and poor has forced most people to turn their backs on the notion of a single global economy. People with money remain engaged in the global information economy yet live in gated communities. Those with less, who feel betrayed by the fading promise of globalisation feel a desire to withdraw both emotionally and physically; they’re people who rediscover an appetite for regulation, protectionism and parochialism; concepts they’d describe as a healthy self-sufficiency.  It’s a world where globaliisation and localisation are uneasy bedfellows, as they are ideas embraced by divided tribes.