Scenarios for the Future of Brands


This is the familiar world of consumerism and self-indulgence where status remains a key – and unapologetic – driver. It is a world of celebrities and status brands that are envied and copied by followers worldwide. It is a world of luxury experiences for those who seek to physically and emotionally distance themselves from the mass, where the planet and just about everyone else on it can go to hell. Everything is branded in this world and brands are generally global.

Brands do well in this world because the old rules still apply. It is about creating aspiration even when this is demonstrably unattainable. However, it’s not all bling and buy. One development is the emergence of a raft of new cool technology brands from India. Another factor is the appearance of sophisticated Russian and Chinese luxury goods, with the rather ironic consequence that it is now Western brands that copy Eastern brands rather than the other way around.