Scenarios for the Future of Brands

I’ve just found 30-minutes (in was on the floor by my feet) so here’s some detail on the individual scenarios.


In Enoughism people are alarmed about the health of the planet and especially the pervasive influence of materialism upon their lives and have therefore decided to take personal responsibility and do something about it.  This is a world of switching things off buying less stuff and seeking to reconnect with the simpler pleasures of life. It is a world where quality really counts and people are prepared to pay for things but expect them to last. Brands communicate these values and find willing customers by being socially, ethically and environmentally aware. Brands also tend to be more local much in the same way that they were before the advent of mass-commercialism and consumption in the 1950s. This doesn’t mean that global brands are rejected but there is a bias towards brands that are connected to local communities, either through employment or by giving something back to their customers. Brands are deeply authentic and are imbued with a strong sense of passion and purpose. Foreign call centres and lowest-cost manufacturing do not do well in this world.