Understand Core Values And Relive The Narrative

During my interview with Arthur Keiser, I realized that one of Keiser University’s fundamental values is a focus on teaching, not researching. To listen to the full interview, please click here.

Traditional universities hold a primary mission to expand knowledge and discovery. This means that they reward professors for publishing. Despite the prestige often associated with published professors, this often conflicts with actual teaching. It is often different for professors to balance their personal ambitions with teaching their students.

At Keiser, a love for teaching is one of its core foundations. They do the opposite of traditional universities. All faculty members are there to guide, teach and help students reach success. Keiser professors are there because they love to teach, not because they care about being published.

In military terms, Keiser University has clarity of mission while its typical competition pursues multiple missions.

Keiser’s Narrative

Finally, I’d like to point out something I am seeing throughout all of these “outthinker” interviews. Each company is clear on its story – how it got here – and uses a continuation of that story to guide itself.

Last month, I did some posts on Kumon, a perfect example of a company that relives its story. And with each new Kumon franchisee, it relives the story of its founder developing a system to teach his neighbors’ kids.

Keiser’s original mission was to understand how to better serve adult learners. This story continues today as the university expands its offerings and locations. Arthur Keiser may have already completed his PhD on the subject, but his living dissertation continues to expand as the university grows.

Ask yourself the following question about your business: What’s my company’s story and how can we relive that to stay competitive?