Black and Decker Car-Style Remote Opens Your Front Door

Black and Decker have taken a long hard look at the boring old front door lock, and added in some technology that takes it into the 21st Century. Namely a car-style remote key fob so you don’t kave to fiddle with a physical key, and internet-accessible locking.

Apparently Black and Decker’s motorized lock is one of a kind, since it actually throws the deadbolt for you–unlike other automatic locks. As a result it let the company pop some extra circuitry in there so you can “lock and unlock doors via a remote control, mobile phone, security system touch panel and/or secure Web access.” That’s pretty neat: The idea is that if you think you’ve left the door unlocked when you get to work, you just check on the lock’s status over the net and lock the door if needs be.

The locks also use four standard AA batteries, so it doesn’t need to be wired into your home electrics. And it can be connected up to your home security system and home automation system: unlocking the door could disarm your burlgar alarm, for example, or switch on the lights and heating. The manual back-up lock that’s built in has anti-bump technology and SmartKey, which lets the owner re-configure the lock to work with a new key without needing a locksmith’s assistance.

That’s pretty 21st Century if you ask me…perhaps even almost Jetsons-style. The locks will go on sale under the Kwikset and Baldwin brand names, pricing and timing still to be determined.

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