Top Thought Leaders Agree: Continue or Accelerate Marketing In A Down Economy



Top Thought Leaders Agree: Continue or Accelerate Marketing In A Down Economy
NVPR Offers Companies Free Registration To Trade Show of Their Choice

Authors, Successful CEOs, and VCs Alike Advocate Innovation In Down Economy

Los Angeles (January 7, 2009) —
News Facts
Authors like Seth Godin, successful CEOs as varied as Richard Branson to Jason Calcanis and noted entrepreneurs like Fabrice Grinda, among others, advocate that now is the time to bolster marketing one’s company and boost sales efforts.  As the Le Web Conference in Paris, France, concluded and tech, entertainment and media companies ready themselves for major industry events like CES, MIDEM, Digital Hollywood, Digital Media Wire, ContentNext, Macworld, and the like, NVPR has announced an initiative to help companies not only survive, but to prosper, in a challenging economic climate.  
Any companies wishing to engage the firm for marketing/communications, PR, SEO, web design or other consulting services will have the cost of registration for trade shows immediately deducted from any fees associated with services performed by NVPR thereby providing them with free registration to the trade show of their choice.
Quote, attributable to Hal Bringman, CEO and founder, NVPR
“Top thought leaders agree  — companies should continue or accelerate marketing and sales efforts in a down economy or risk being overtaken by competitors and perceived as not being a long term player.”
Notes for Optimism
— According to AdAge, a new study by Anderson Analytics for the Marketing Executives Networking Group, revealed that nearly three-fourths of marketers said they think spending on innovative initiatives will stay the same or even increase (21% in the latter category) in 2009 as marketers look to strengthen ties to existing customers while casting a wider net to find new ones.
Quote, attributable to Tom Anderson, managing partner of Anderson Analytics
“Overall [marketers] seem to be casting a wider net, reflecting that in a down economy you can’t only target who you did last year.”
— Digital media grabs 10% Of $845Bn global media and entertainment business in 2008, according to new research from Strategy Analytics, beating filmed entertainment – movie theaters and home video combined – for the first time.
— Offering comes on the heels of NVPR’s expansion into South America where Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes the region is poised to accelerate with the fastest growth in the Internet sector, more than Asia, the U.S. and Europe. The region offers significant opportunities for growth, brand extension and  customer acquisition.

About NVPR

NVPR is a boutique communications firm in Los Angeles, California, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The company has been leading the digital media sector since its inception in 1997. Successful prior campaigns include many spectacular brands and services that forever altered their respective industries and sectors, including the launch and subsequent IPO of (USD$400M), the launch of file sharing services such as Napster, Grokster, MP2P, and the introduction of mobile entertainment to North America, among many others.

NVPR’s founder, Hal Bringman, has been featured in The New York Times and  is a “Trendspotter” and “…a PR pro if ever there was one…” as described by power bloggers like and uber-influencers like Rafat Ali of, respectively. For more information, visit