Will Obama Create The First Transparent Presidency?

Openess and transparency (in business and in government) are qualities I’ve been espousing for years (probably most clearly in my award-winning sixth book, Principled Profit). Yet most businesses AND most government entities shrowd themselves in secrecy, bury attempts at discourse, and give the impression of pulling the wool over the public eye.

This makes the Obama team’s high degree of transparency and active solicitation of public input (at the website, through the in-person strategy sessions it organized, etc.) even more remarkable.

Consider this widely reported quote yesterday from an Associated Press story on Obama’s proposed tax cut by Steven R. Hurst:

“At his meeting with bipartisan leaders of Congress, Obama said he would make his stimulus proposal available on the Internet, with a Google-like search function to show each proposed project or program, by congressional district, according to three people who attended.”


I find this especially interesting coming not from some kind of radical but from a mainline, centrist politician, many of whose policy platforms (especially in foreign affairs) are far more conservative than mine.

Change is about both form and substance. Obama is dong really well on the form so far; let’s hope he follows through into the substance.SH