Nation’s First Green Gym to Run On Human-Generated Energy

Shedding pounds and expending energy is no longer just good for you – it’s also a way to give back to the environment.

The Green Microgym, based in Portland, Oregon, is the nation’s first gym that aims to use human-generated energy from clients as they work out. Adam Boesel, the gym’s owner, hopes that in the future the gym will run entirely on the energy generated by clients.

While the science behind generating energy from spinning wheels – commonly used in much of the exercise equipment installed in gyms – the issue at hand thus far has been how to adapt the technology and find the right equipment.

A Texas-based company, Henry Works is currently developing a device called the Human Dynamo, which Boesel’s Microgym hopes to use. The dynamo connects a number of exercise bikes with a battery that stores the energy generated as people exercise. Appliances like lamps or televisions can then be plugged into the box in order to utilize this power.

Although installing the energy-generating equipment is expensive, if gyms can pony up enough to do so, they stand to save significantly in the long-term. And as with all technology, the expectation is that the further the concept is developed the more affordable and viable it will become.

Via the BBC.SC