LG Adds Photo-Frame Tech To TVs

Given that an LCD TV is basically a large digital photo frame with added video-processing power, this innovation from LG has taken a surprising while. And LG’s new 47-inch “Digital Photo TV” goes one stage further than just acting as a dumb photo display: it manages to show photos while it’s actually in standby mode.

While that still means it’s supping power from your home electrics, it’s a lot less than in full-TV mode–only about 10 to 15%. It does this by utilizing idle video memory not needed when the unit is “off,” and you can choose a photo you took, or capture a frame from a TV show.

So flicking the TV off now means instead of a dead black rectangle clashing with your other interior decor, you can either treat your eyes to cutesy family photos, or, just for a geeky example, that moment from Fast Times with Phoebe Cates and the swimming pool. Your choice.

[via Engadget]