Vuzix VR Goggles World’s First With Transparent Quantum Optics

News of the Vuzix Wrap 920AV video-glasses first appeared a few days ago, but without any specific data. Now we know that along with looking less retro-sci-fi than previous video-goggles, they’re packing some interesting technology.

The PR spin gives most of the info: the Wrap 920AV “Provides a 60-inch private video display complete with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality capabilities and built-in noise-isolating earphones.” Augmented reality is the key phrase here–meaning a display can be superimposed over your normal view of the world, rather than superceding it entirely as a virtual reality system would do. Apparently, this is achieved with a proprietary quantum optics-based system.

The 60-inch display appears as if viewed from nine feet away, and the glasses also come with earbud-type headphones. A 6-degrees of freedom tracking sensor is available as an option, completing the virtual-reality tracking aspect of the video goggles, and there’s even a USB-powered stereo camera pair option. That gives the goggles a full mixed/augmented or virtual reality viewing option–though, of course, you’d need the right software to power all that.

Spectacles-wearers are catered to as well: Vuzix will be offering low cost prescription inserts. And the whole package weighs less than 3-ounces and runs for six hours off a pair of AA batteries.

While these are meant primarily for dropping into your own private AV entertainment world during an extended flight, with the AR and VR options, and some tricked-out software, the device could be made into something far more promising.