Wishing You an Innovative 2009

We have just welcomed the New Year.  Will 2009 bring as many surprises as last year?  One thing is certain.  This year will bring changes and with it opportunities. 

Of course, opportunities are just that.  Vision and execution are required to transform them into something of value.  If you have begun your journey from the world of accidental innovation into the world of sustainable, high performance innovation practice, you are well positioned to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.  If you have not begun adopting the tools and techniques to build a sustainable innovation practice, now is the time.

Either way, try thinking about your innovation resolutions for 2009.  Set some measurable goals.  Imagine where your organization will be, and create a plan to get there.  Stretch yourself and your abilities as you plan to create new value for your clients and your enterprise.

My 2009 innovation resolutions are simple:

  • To help my customers by providing new ways of performing their critical tasks that deliver transformative value
  • To listen to my customers carefully and the capabilities they would ask for it they only knew they could
  • To support my customers innovation goals with new technology to make sustainable innovation practice easy to deploy broadly

What are your innovation resolutions?JT