Web Video Growth Galloping Ahead

comScore just released November data on online video growth.  November saw a +34% vs. year ago growth with 12.7 Billion online video views for the month. While Google and YouTube still have clear leadership, it has dropped to 40%, down significantly from 2/3 of all video viewing just a short time ago. While most of the other players have been around a while, upstart is now at #6 in the rankings and growing rapidly. In a related story, NetFlix announced a deal with LG where no set top box or OTT box like Roku would be necessary. The HDTVs from LG will stream Netflix directly.

Whether you watch videos on your PC or want to get videos via the Web on your TV, the number of options are growing rapidly at a time when the traditional networks seem to be having an identity crisis according to an article in AdAge. 

Consumers seem to be understanding that they are in control of when they watch what. And the new technology companies are taking advantage of the lack of momentum on the part of the traditional networks.