Lenovo Joins All-in-One PC Game With Slimmest Model

For a long time Apple was king of the all-in-one PC game with the latest gen iMac being one of the slickest PC offerings out there: But this year there’s been a lot of interest from other players, with Dell, Fujistu and Sony coming up with conventional iMac-like versions, and MSI and Asus making Net-top Atom-powered machines. And now Lenovo has stepped up with its own, and it’s pretty respectable.

The IdeaCentre600 is, in fact, supposed to be the slimmest all-in-one PC there is. It has a 21.5-inch screen at 1920 X 1080HD resolution, integrated speakers with Dolby Home Theater certification, 1.3 or 2-megapixel webcam with face recognition built-in, touch-sensitive controls, Intel Pentium Dual Core and Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor options and up to 1TB HDD options. There’s also the option for a Blu-ray drive and hybrid analog/digital TV tuner, and up to 4GB of memory.

The whizziest feature is the included remote: It’s a full-function remote for Windows Media Center control, that also manages the TV tuner, acts as a wireless mid-air accelerometer-controlled mouse, and has VOIP functions built in so it emulates a cordless phone.

There seems to be just two disappointments with the machine. Firstly it looks like Lenovo’s given the box some great styling–the frameless LCD is a nice touch–but has stuck lots of access ports on the side of the box. Unike the iMac’s rear-facing ports, this means your ugly wiring is potentially still going to be on display. And secondly, the machine starts at a relatively large $999, with the Blu-ray, larger memory, HDD and better processors as options.

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