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Battle Of The Thinnest TVs At CES 2009

When news of LG's LH95 "thinnest" LCD TV hit last week, we should've predicted that it was just the first of a series of similar product announcements. At CES 2009, it seems that TV makers are trying to out-do one another with debuts of the skinniest/lightest LCD HDTVs.

LG's offering is a svelte 24.8mm deep, and that does sound amazing. But it's nowhere near the machine from Samsung that'll be debuting at the show: it's shockingly thin—somewhere between 6.5mm and 7mm thick. There are few other details about this "Luxia range"—screen dimensions for example. or data on what kind of technology will be ticking along inside to drive the display, apart from 240Hz Motion+ tech—but its thinnes is pretty amazing all by itself. It is, it seems, just a prototype, but you can expect Samsung to push the technology into a consumer product pretty quickly.

Then there's JVC's new HDTV, about which we know a little more. It's also a ridiculously thin 7mm in depth, and JVC is going as far as calling it the lightest 32-inch LCD HDTV on the market. It comes in at a featherweight 5kg, which is light enough to consider hanging it from the ceiling, or so JVC thinks. It's 1080p resolution and is also LED-backlit. The set even has pretty good eco-credentials—it uses 50% of the materials and less mercury than is needed for current TV sets.

There's no word on pricing or release schedules for either of these two sets, though. So it looks like LG will be king of the thin TVs for a little while, as the LH95 seems to be closest to a product you'll find in the shops. Apparently it sports a 55-inch screen, has wireless HD and supports DivX HD format video directly on the set itself, over USB or Bluetooth.

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