Can Wind Save Steel?

Wind power was recently ranked in a comprehensive research study as the top energy alternative in terms of environmental impact and total power potential.

The steel industry, a bellwether of the US economy, is in a serious slump–its lowest production point since the 1980s.

Wind turbines are about 90 percent steel.

See an opportunity here?

Vestas, the world’s largest wind power company with nearly a quarter of the market, is opening factories all around the world and has ambitious growth targets of over 20 percent a year, increasing wind’s share of global power consumption from 1 percent to 10 percent by 2020. They’re opening several manufacturing facilities across the US. Here’s a video about a wind turbine factory replacing a steel mill in a small Pennsylvania town.

The steel industry is looking for more federal spending on infrastructure like highways and bridges to haul it out of the ditch. Maybe they should join forces with the green movement and call for rail lines and wind towers as well.AK