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LG's LH95 is World's Thinnest LED-Lit LCD TV

The LH95 television due for unveiling at CES 2009 makes it sound like LCD technology has just taken an incredible advance. That's because LG is branding it as the world's thinnest LED-illuminated LCD TV.

It's just 24.8mm thick—only sightly fatter than the revolutionary 19.3mm-thin MacBook Air, and about the same thickness as the old-fashioned picture frames we're all happy to hang on our walls. The LH95 also packs 240Hz TrueMotion Drive for blur- and artefact-free HD video reproduction, and a contrast ratio that almost places it in the same image quality class as the old-fashioned pictures we're all happy to have inside those slim frames: 2,000,000 to 1.

Pricing is unknown, but LG is hoping this skinny machine will win the CES Innovation Award in the display category.

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