The Best Architecture of the Year

Quick! Name this year’s most award-winning bridges! Stuck? Then how about the Residential Project of the Year? Or the best Green Roof projects of 2008?

If you’re coming up short, but still dying to know, you might want to pick up a copy of the just-published Almanac of Architecture and Design, 2009, which has just hit the streets.

It’s an addictive read if you’re in the industry, or just an architecture and design groupie. This is where you’ll find history — the oldest architecture firms, the top ranked buildings; design resources — registration laws, compensation guides; information on design education and even obits. And for those who prefer their information Guinness style, there are plenty of juicy lists of superlatives: World’s Best Skylines, World’s Tallest Buildings, the Top 10 Green Building Products, and the Top Urban Planning Books.

If your local bookstore comes up short, order it ($49.50) at or (800)879-0932.

Answers to the above: 1.) Sutong Bridge, Nangtong City, Jiangusu Province, China; 2.) Xeros Residence, Phoenix, AZ, blank studio; 3.) TWA Corporate Headquarters, Kansas City, MO (Industrial/Commercial, Extensive); West Podium Park, Boston World Trade Center, Boston, MA (Industrial/Commerical, Intensive); California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, CA (Institutional, Extensive), Austin City Hall, Austin, TX (Institutional, Intensive)LT