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LG's Upcoming GD910 Cellphone Is Also A Wristwatch

LG's designers have been watching too much Dick Tracy: The company's upcoming GD910 cellphone is housed in a wristwatch-format device, though it won't necessarily help you fight crime.

The diminutive device enters a market already populated by small players, and strange Chinese imports. But this one brings a little LG style. It actually looks pretty sleek, rather than chunky or odd, and it's just 13.9mm deep. It's a full HSDPA 3G cellphone, with voice dialing through its in-built speech recognition, text-to-speech function, MP3 functionality, a 1.43-inch color touchscreen and Bluetooth. How long its battery will last with all its tech functionality is unknown, however.

It has a front-facing camera which helps it to make video calls, and that's something even Dick Tracy didn't have.

Due for unveiling at CES, there's no word on pricing or availability, but it'll debut in Europe first.