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It Begins With a Thought

It’s interesting, it seems that the first step to success almost always includes some sort of mental clarification of your desire. Not schooling, not textbook ideals of being smart first then applying the knowledge to the chosen career path. It starts in your mind.

It begins with a thought.

So says author of How To Be A Sales Superstar: Break All the Rules and Succeed While Doing It, Mark Tewart. He is just one of many sales experts that would say success begins with the right attitude.

Tewart begins his philosophical teaching with a look at the person’s state of mind. He says the first step to becoming a sales superstar includes making a personal declaration to become successful. The second step is to remove the mental roadblocks that keep success at an arm’s length. Essentially, the mind of a sales superstar must first be created.

Mental roadblocks are what keep many people from attaining the lifestyle they want to achieve, no matter how educated or seemingly self-confident they are. But, a lot of mental roadblocks are fear-based and can be overcome, as Tewart explains in his book. People subconsciously set up their own roadblocks to success because of the fear of failure.

Identifying your roadblocks is the first step to destroying them. You can do that by understanding what has kept you from being successful already. Tewart suggests writing down the setbacks you’ve experienced in life, anything bad or negative that has happened. For example, not reaching a goal you set or being embarrassed when you failed at something. Go as far back as you can remember, into your childhood.

After listing as many as you can think of, he says to examine them to see if you can detect a pattern. This is the pattern you need to break. Most of us are pattern-repeaters thanks to the Law of Familiarity, which renders us helpless as we enter the autopilot stage, he explains.

Tewart offers the example of the salesman who hangs out at Starbucks, waiting to make that big sale but in the meantime is checking his e-mail, text messages, MySpace, making personal calls and reading the daily newspaper. Essentially, he is avoiding the necessary actions to take to make that big sale because of fear. It’s a roadblock.

Once you identify your setbacks and patterns, you can begin to correct them. Become consciously aware of them so you can break those patterns. Resolve to write down your daily activities and check them off as you go, this will keep you on track. Check your e-mail twice a day, at a set time and give yourself 10 minutes to do it.

Tewart also challenges readers to list all of their fears. Be honest. Everyone has fears, from spiders to failures. And to conquer those fears, he offers a visualization technique. "If these fears came true, what is the worst that would happen? What would I stand to lose?" he says to ask yourself.

Most people have built their fears up to be insurmountable forces, yet even if the worst happened you most likely would survive.

"If you worry about not making a sale or not hitting your quota, that is exactly what will happen, because you are bringing these thoughts into your reality," he writes. "All images and messages you send out from your brain, both good and bad, will be answered.

Practice visualizing scenarios that you see as results of your success. Take five minutes a day to feel the sun beating on your skin as you lay on the beach taking a well-deserved vacation. Or feel the brisk air blasting past as you high-tail it down the slopes in Colorado. Perhaps you are writing a personal check to your mortgagor, making that final payment on your house. How about seeing yourself making that big sale, shaking hands affirmatively with the dealmaker after a successful business meeting?

Whatever you choose as your definition of success, remember it begins with a thought.

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