mCube90G Smart Plug Lowers Your Electricity Bills

We’re all guilty of burning a little more electrical energy than we need to in this gadgety world: dotted around my apartment I suspect there’re at least five power adaptors plugged in 24-7 when they’re only needed for a couple of hours a day each. Enter the mCube90G smart plug.

It saves your electricity, lowering your bill and your environmental footprint (albeit fractionally.) Innergie’s device sits between a charging gadget and a wall-socket, switching the whole deal off when the batteries are charged, and replacing the normal power adaptor.

It’s a great idea: though gadgets mostly monitor their own charged status, their “dumb” wall-wart does not–for reasons of keeping the price and complexity down–and simply stays connected to the mains electricity even when it no-longer needs to be. This trickle current is what the mCube90G tackles, and it can take a number of different gadgets at the same time. Apparently it’s even smart enough to “dynamically adapt” to the power requirements of each: say a high-power-drain laptop charging at the same time as a cellphone. The unit directs more power to the laptop until it’s done, and then delivers power to the cellphone. When everything’s charged, the smart plug even shuts itself off.

Great stuff. There’s no word on pricing, but it will debut at CES2009.

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