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Snapture Gizmo Adds Proper Xenon Flash To iPhone

One of the iPhone's few weak spots is its camera: fixed-focus, just 2-megapixels and no flash. But that's where the Snapture gizmo comes in.

It's a case-like sleeve for the iPhone 3G that incorporates a real—if slightly diminutive—xenon flash bulb that should enhance the iPhone photography experience pretty significantly. It even includes a red-eye reduction system. Though it draws power directly from the iPhone itself, according to makers SnaptureLabs that isn't going to make too much of an impact on your battery life: up to 1,000 flashes would be needed to drain the cells totally. The case bottom also incorporates a speaker amplification system too.

The system's one drawback, apart from it's not overly-attractive looks, is that currently you'll have to jailbreak your iPhone to get it to work. There's no data on shipping or pricing yet.

[via Engadget]

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