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Energizer Enters Solar-Powered Batteries Game

Though a number of solar-powered gizmos for recharging your batteries have existed for a while, the entry of a big player like Energizer into the market means that you can take solar-recharging seriously from now on. Due to be unveiled at CES, Energizer's Rechargeable Solar Charger can top-up a couple of AA or AAA cells using only sunlight.

Better yet, the device has a mini USB-out charger port that'll let it supply its stored-up juice to many a gadget that charges via USB. And if on any particular day the sun isn't bright enough to recharge your batteries, it also accepts power from an AC adapter. Plus it's weatherproof. That makes it sound like the ideal gadget companion for travelling. It'll be out sometime early next year for a reported price of $49.99, including a pair of batteries.

[via GoodCleanTech]