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Innovative Giving: A Collection of Charitable Choices

‘Tis the season to be jolly – and generous. But with tightened budgets and less spare time on your hands, doing good unto others may prove particularly difficult this year.

To ease any pangs of conscience you may have,
Fast Company’s series on innovative giving offers six easy, stress free, fun and inexpensive ways to give back to your community – whether through playing a game or simply using Facebook. Best of all – to use most of these tools you never even have to leave home. 

Innovative Giving: The Nature Conservancy and (Lil) Green Patch

Innovative Giving: The Open Architecture Network

Innovative Giving: Leverage Your Twitter Network

Innovative Giving: Gaming For Rice

Innovative Giving: Play It Forward With Akoha

Innovative Giving: Tyson Foods For Hunger Relief

Innovative Giving

Please add your own suggestions for innovative ways to give in the comments below. Happy holidays.