Sony Teases With Revolutionary New Laptop: Is It A Vaio Netbook?

Dell’s apparently ultra-thin laptop Adamo teaser campaign from last week is joined by an even more intriguing one from Sony. It bears little more than a swishly-photographed Vaio logo on a shiny-looking black device, and the words “On the 9th of January you will change the way you look at laptops forever.”

Quite a bold promise. Only a few weeks ago a tiny Sony laptop-shaped device hit the FCC: It measured around 9.7 by 4.7 inches, was black, bore Windows logos and had a product numbering consistent with previous Vaio laptops. So this news from Sony does tally with the FCC data.

If this machine is indeed a Sony netbook, it will be a tremendous entry into this new market if it meets a single requirement: low price.

For sure fans of Sony’s slightly quirky laptop design may well be tempted to buy an ultra-portable version, and not care too much about how much it costs, but with excellent machines with good specs and improving design already on sale below $500, Sony’s pricing will have to be pin-point perfect if it is to make a big splash. The alternative is for such a Vaio to have never-before seen specifications on a netbook: Blu-ray drive anyone? Unlikely, of course. But you never know.

[Sony teaser site via BoingBoingGadgets]KE