How to do Quality without Sacrificing Value

The term quality is one that every single business likes to claim, yet since fewer and fewer come through when it’s time to back up that claim with execution, it has joined the list of other once powerful and now empty words like:


I stopped going to regular supermarkets a long time ago. Isle after isle of identically soggy breads, rows of similar cereal and canned goods, the sheer volume and quantity of goods as well as the drab lighting and sulky staff are discouraging.

Instead, I stop by the local Trader’s Joe store. They have a limited selection of items, and they don’t always carry the same products, in fact a few times I went back to find out they had discontinued a product. Yet, the environment is friendly, the staff actually want to be there, and the quality/price ratio is fair.

Plus, that kind of context facilitates a better type of experience.

Once I was standing by the cheese counter undecided between a Pecorino and an Irish cheese when another shopper suggested I try a Spanish brand. Not as pungent as the Pecorino, and very tasty, he said. And it was delicious – it made a friends’ gathering more interesting and exotic.

When you carry a quality product, you have quality conversations and experiences all around. Trader Joe’s model is fairly simple. They taste every product before they decide to sell it. They will give you a full refund if you don’t like it.

They pay attention to quality without sacrificing value. They don’t have to call themselves fancy names. All they need to do is deliver a great experience and back up their statements. What about you? Do you have an example of quality service that does not sacrifice value?c

Valeria Maltoni | Conversation Agent